Baseline Reports

The documents listed below represent baseline information collected by Resolution Copper and provided to the Tonto National Forest to be used as a partial basis for the analysis in the EIS. The Tonto National Forest will independently evaluate any data provided by Resolution Copper that is used in the EIS to ensure that it is valid, adequate to support the analysis, and represents the best available science.

This Modeling Report includes a description of the methods and datasets used in the air quality modeling analyses to estimate the Resolution Project’s air quality impacts relative to the applicable Ambient Air Quality Standards (AAQS) for criteria pollutants and to Air Quality Related Values in the near-field domain.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service prepared this Environmental Assessment (EA) in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) to consider approval of Resolution Copper Mining's proposed Plan of Operations.

This Draft Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact responds to the proposed Baseline Plan only. The Forest Service is developing a separate Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to respond to the proposed MPO, which will rely, in part, on the data collected under the approved Baseline Plan.

WestLand was retained to conduct wildlife monitoring surveys utilizing motion-sensitive cameras in the vicinity of Resolution's holdings near Superior, Arizona and in the broader area. Data were collected from 15 camera locations distributed in several areas including the Oak Flat area, the upper, middle and lower portions of Devils Canyon and the Near West tailings alternatives area. Data collected during this wildlife camera monitoring survey provides a preliminary inventory of wildlife species in the vicinity of the proposed project and in the broader area.

At HRES-19 and HRES-20, the primary target drilling depth was the contact between the Tertiary Apache Leap Tuff and the underlying White Tail Conglomerate. During drilling operations, data was collected to better characterize the hydrogeologic conditions within the Apache Leap Tuff. The target depth was reached at HRES-19, although the depth to the White Tail Conglomerate was shallower than expected. The White Tail Conglomerate was not reached at HRES-20 due to technical issues encountered while drilling.

This technical memorandum was prepared to document results and analysis of a 90-day aquifer test conducted by RCM at well HRES-20 completed in the Apache Leap Tuff (ALT) aquifer.

Hydrologic test wells HRES-01, HRES-02, HRES-03, HRES-04, and HRES-05 were drilled and constructed during the period February 2 to March 11, 2004. The test wells were drilled evaluate lithologic and hydrogeologic conditions within the Apache Leap Tuff, and were terminated in the uppermost part of the Whitetail Conglomerate. Final test well construction was designed to permit hydrologic testing of the Apache Leap Tuff aquifer, and to provide access for long-term monitoring of groundwater level and groundwater quality for the aquifer.

Based on data needs identified at the end of 2013, further geochemical characterization of Resolution tailings was undertaken over the period January 2014 through May 2016. Resolution’s tailings management strategy includes separation of tailings into two mineralogically and geochemically discrete streams known as “pyrite” and “scavenger” tailings (the pyrite tailings are also referred to as “cleaner” tailings in many Project documents).

WestLand was chosen by the Forest Service to act in the capacity of prime consultant provide environmental service in the analysis of the Resolution Pre-feasibility Activities Plan of Operations. The purpose of this report is to 1) compile Arizona hedgehog cactus survey data collected during RCM's preparation of the Pre-feasibility Activities Plan of Operations; and 2) compile previously completed survey data from the vicinity of the PAA that may inform the analysis of the effects of the Pre-feasibility Activities to AHC.

WestLand was retained to conduct a survey for Arizona hedgehog cactus on the approximately 1,224-hectare Federal Parcel. The Parcel is on the Tonto National Forest east of the Town of Superior. Resolution proposes to obtain the Parcel by way of a land exchange. In support of this effort, WestLand has been conducting baseline resource investigations on the Parcel. The purpose of this survey was to identify existing locations AHC in accordance with established protocols and procedures.


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