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The proposed action includes a proposed mine plan, a land exchange, and possible amendments to the Tonto National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan.

This alternative involves alterations to the tailings facility of the proposed action, in the same location –northwest of Superior and east of Queen Valley, Arizona.

When compared to the Peg Leg–Slurry Alternative, this alternative allows a direct comparison of the impacts of using a liner on a slurry tailings facility. It also allows a comparison between dam types.

When compared to the Proposed Action, this alternative allows a comparison of the impacts of slurry tailings if they were placed in a flatter alluvial setting instead of the rougher topography near Superior. This location also allows a comparison if tailings were moved to a location farther from people and with less recreation.

This alternative allows a comparison of the impacts of slurry tailings versus dry-stack (or filtered) tailings, and allows a comparison of whether the specific location selected for tailings in the General Plan of Operations is preferable to other locations near Superior, Arizona.

EIS Status

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EIS Status graphic updated March 2018

Land Exchange Documents

Documents pertaining to the proposed land exchange between the federal government and Resolution Copper Mining, LLC, are available on this website.

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