Mine General Plan of Operations

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Resolution Copper proposes to construct and operate an underground copper mine and associated facilities on a combination of private, federal, and state lands. In general, the project includes the following features: new facilities at West Plant Site (WPS), such as a concentrator, administrative facilities, and a laboratory; new facilities at East Plant Site (EPS), such as shafts, hoists, and attendant features; a tailings storage facility and associated tailings pipeline corridor; several pipelines and other infrastructure within and adjacent to the Magma Arizona Railroad Company right-of-way; a filter plant and loadout facility; and a conveyor corridor connecting EPS with WPS located entirely underground beneath unpatented mining claims and private lands.

The General Plan of Operations (GPO) represents the proposed action that will be analyzed in the environmental impact statement (EIS). Evaluation of modifications to this proposal and assessment of other alternatives is a fundamental part of the NEPA process and will also be part of the EIS.

The GPO was originally published in November 2013. The version appearing here represents the latest revised version of the GPO. A Final GPO will be prepared following publication of the Record of Decision to comply with any modifications determined to be necessary by the Forest Supervisor.

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Resolution Copper Mining. 2016. General Plan of Operations, Resolution Copper Mining. Initial Submittal November 15, 2013; Revised May 9, 2016.

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