These documents include technical reports, memorandum, scientific journal articles, and others cited in the General Plan of Operations (GPO). They are available for download as PDF files wherever possible.

On February 13, 2015, Resolution Copper submitted a formal request to the Forest Service indicating their desire to convey the specified non-federal land to the United States. Details of the land exchange are contained in this Land Exchange Proposal dated August 2015, as well as the draft Agreement to Initiate that will be executed between Resolution Copper and the Forest Service.

In 1995, the Magma Copper Company discovered a porphyry copper deposit beneath thick postmineral cover 2 km south of the historic Magma mine in Superior, Arizona. Since that time drilling has delineated a large, high-grade, hypogene copper-molybdenum deposit, now named the Resolution deposit, with an inferred resource of 1,624 million metric tons (Mt) at 1.47% Cu and 0.037% Mo.

WestLand was retained to evaluate an approximately 14,273-acre area for the presence of potential waters of the U.S.

The goals of the baseline surface water monitoring program are to: a) Refine understanding of surface water  occurrence, quantity, and quality within the study are b) Develop a baseline data set against which future potential impacts from mining may be measured, and c) Support development of an EIS.

In February 2010, Montgomery published a report entitled "Interim Results of Groundwater Monitoring, Upper Queen Creek and Devils Canyon Watersheds" (M&A 2010) which reported all hydrochemical and isotopic data available through the second quarter of 2009. The current report presents hydrochemical and isotopic data collected since M&A 2010 was published.

WestLand was retained to evaluate an approximately 560-acre private parcel for the presence of potential waters of the U.S.

WestLand was retained to evaluate two areas, the West Plant and East Plant Analysis Areas, totaling approximately 3670 acres, for the presence of potential waters of the U.S.

Resolution Copper Company commissioned Golder and Associates to establish a program for the collection of baseline surface water data near the future RCC mine and associated facilities.  The intended uses of the data are primarily to support and EIS, develop a sound conceptual site model as a basis for predicting future impacts, and document current conditions as a baseline for judging future impacts.

Groundwater monitoring in the upper Queen Creek and Devils Canyon watersheds was initiated by RCM in early 2004.  The current RCM groundwater monitoring program includes 19 wells, boreholes or shafts.  Based on results of hydrogeological characterization studies conducted to date, three principal aquifers have been identified.  The purpose of the groundwater monitoring program is to provide hydrologic data for continued development and refinement of the conceptual hydrogeologic model for the ALT aquifer and adjacent aquifers in the study area that might be impacted by block-cave mining oper

The purpose of this tech memo is to describe and present the results of a ADEQ Tier 1 geochemical characterization program of development rock for proposed Shaft No. 10 based detailed sampling and analysis of samples from a pilot drill hole along the entire vertical section of the proposed shaft.


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EIS Status - Feb 2019

  1. Proponent submits revised Plan of Operations [Sep 2014]
  2. Federal Register Notice of Intent to prepare EIS [Mar 2016]
  3. Public scoping period and scoping meetings
    [5 meetings between Mar-Jun 2016; comment period extended from 60 days to 120 days, closed Jul 18, 2016 ]
  4. Compile and review existing data
  5. Prepare project description and identify project alternatives
  6. Publish Alternatives Evaluation Report [Sep 2017]
  7. We Are Here
    Validate Baseline Information; analyze environmental effects
  8. Prepare Draft EIS
  9. Federal Register Notice of Availability of Draft EIS
  10. 45-day public review and comment period, with public meetings
  11. Respond to public comments and prepare Final EIS
  12. Federal Register Notice of Availability of Final EIS and Draft ROD
  13. 45-day Public Objection Period
  14. Resolve objections to Final EIS and draft ROD
  15. Issue Final Record of Decision

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