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Cindy Perger 03/24/2016
Cliff Wilkinson 03/24/2016
Dale Buskirk 03/24/2016
David Herman 03/24/2016
Donald Langlois 03/24/2016
Emily Armstrong 03/24/2016
Eric and Cedra Spragett 03/24/2016
Ernst Bauer 03/24/2016
George Casner 03/24/2016
Gillian winston 03/24/2016
Guru Simran Khalsa 03/24/2016
Harry Lumley 03/24/2016
Howard Lanus 03/24/2016
James Mulcare 03/24/2016
Jane Reading 03/24/2016
Jean Goetinck 03/24/2016
John and Sandy Zinn 03/24/2016
John Beilmann 03/24/2016
John Swiencicki 03/24/2016
Joyce Meadows 03/24/2016
Julia Clark 03/24/2016
Karen Fogas Tucson Audubon Society 03/24/2016
Karen Kravcov Malcolm 03/24/2016
Kathryn Draper 03/24/2016
Kathryn Richardson 03/24/2016
Kathy Harding 03/24/2016
Kelly Hurlbut 03/24/2016
Kelly Murphy 03/24/2016
Kimberly Hanson 03/24/2016
Kristopher Deapen 03/24/2016
L Blue 03/24/2016
Leslie Glass 03/24/2016
Lillian Anderson 03/24/2016
Linda Ferguson 03/24/2016
Loretta Richards 03/24/2016
Madeleine Ascott 03/24/2016
Magali Lachot 03/24/2016
mak mas 03/24/2016
Marby Davis 03/24/2016
Mel Henshaw 03/24/2016
Melissa Harlan 03/24/2016
Melissa Wilson 03/24/2016
Norma Itule 03/24/2016
Norma Mcculloch 03/24/2016
Patricia Brown 03/24/2016
Paul Frizane 03/24/2016
Paula Bonnell 03/24/2016
Paulette English 03/24/2016
Ray Goodwin 03/24/2016
Ray Martinez 03/24/2016


Email Address Created for Land Exchange Questions

The Southwestern Region Office of Lands and Minerals Management is overseeing and administering the land exchange and appraisal process which includes the 2,422-acre Oak Flat Federal Parcel. All questions about the land exchange and appraisal process should be emailed to

Programmatic Agreement Info

To comply with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, the Tonto National Forest developed a Programmatic Agreement (PA) and included it in Volume 5, Appendix O of the final EIS. The PA was created in cooperation with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the State Historic Preservation Office, tribes and other consulting parties. The PA contains an agreed upon process for identifying, evaluating and addressing adverse effects to historic properties associated with this undertaking.

To review Volume 5 and the PA, Download Vol 5 PDF, 27 MB.

E.g., 06/25/2021
Note: Comments were accepted March 18, 2016 - July 18, 2016

Forest Service Point of Contact

John Scaggs
Tonto National Forest

Apache Leap Special Management Area
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