Documents Cited - General Plan of Operations

Documents cited in the General Plan of Operations document
Kinetic Theory in the Earth Sciences

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A Practical Manual on Block Caving

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The MRMR Rock Mass Rating Classification System in Mining Practice

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A Methodology to Estimate Site-Specific Seismic Hazard for Critical Facilities on Soil or Soft-Rock Sites

Lee, R., Maryak, M.E., and Kimball, J., 1999, A methodology to estimate site-specific seismic hazard for critical facilities on soil or soft-rock sites (abs.):...

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Alternatives in Evaluating Soil- and Rock-Site Seismic Hazard

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1857 Slip on the San Andreas Fault Southeast of Cholame, California

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Development and Application of Realistic Earthquake Time Histories Compatible with Multiple-Damping Design Spectra

Lilhanand, K. and Tseng, W.S., 1988, Development and application of realistic earthquake time histories compatible with multiple-damping design spectra:...

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Evidence for Two Surface Ruptures in the Past 500 Years on the San Andreas Fault at Frazier Mountain, California

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Six Similar Sequential Ruptures of the San Andreas Fault, Carrizo Plain, California

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Analysis of Seismic Activity near Theodore Roosevelt Dam, Arizona, during the Occupation of the EarthScope/USArray...

Lockridge, J.S., Fouch, M.J., Arrowsmith, J.R., and Linkimer, L., 2012, Analysis of seismic activity near Theodore Roosevelt Dam, Arizona, during the Occupation...

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Geochemical Characterization of Development Rock for Proposed Shaft No. 10, Resolution Project: ADEQ Tier 1 Results and...

Logsdon, Mark. 2007. Technical Memorandum - Geochemical Characterization of Development Rock for Proposed Shaft No. 10, Resolution Project: ADEQ Tier 1 Results...

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Basin and Range Province Earthquake Working Group II

Lund, W.R., 2012, Basin and Range Province Earthquake Working Group II Recommendations to the U.S. Geological Survey National Seismic Hazard Mapping Program for...

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Temporary Contact Update

The Tonto Supervisor’s Office in Phoenix remains temporarily closed in July 2019 due to a building renovation project. As a result, questions from the media and general public regarding the Resolution Copper Project and Land Exchange should be e-mailed to John Scaggs at:

EIS Timeline - Feb 2019

  1. Proponent submits revised Plan of Operations [Sep 2014]
  2. Federal Register Notice of Intent to prepare EIS [Mar 2016]
  3. Public scoping period and scoping meetings
    [5 meetings between Mar-Jun 2016; comment period extended from 60 days to 120 days, closed Jul 18, 2016 ]
  4. Compile and review existing data
  5. Prepare project description and identify project alternatives
  6. Publish Alternatives Evaluation Report [Sep 2017]
  7. We Are Here
    Validate Baseline Information; analyze environmental effects
  8. Prepare Draft EIS
  9. Federal Register Notice of Availability of Draft EIS
  10. 90-day public review and comment period, with public meetings
  11. Respond to public comments and prepare Final EIS
  12. Federal Register Notice of Availability of Final EIS and Draft ROD
  13. 45-day Public Objection Period
  14. Resolve objections to Final EIS and draft ROD
  15. Issue Final Record of Decision

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