Tonto National Forest

The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act (the “Act”), P.L. 113-291 authorizes and directs the Secretary of Agriculture to enter into a land exchange with Resolution Copper Mining, LLC, on the terms and conditions and according to the procedures set forth in the Act.

On February 13, 2015, Resolution Copper submitted a formal request to the Forest Service indicating their desire to convey the specified non-federal land to the United States. Details of the land exchange are contained in the Land Exchange Proposal dated August 2015, as well as this draft Agreement to Initiate that will be executed between Resolution Copper and the Forest Service.

Resolution Copper submitted the General Plan of Operations to the Forest Service in November 2013. After review and subsequent modifications, the Forest Supervisor issued a completeness review letter in December 2014. The Forest Supervisor determined that the Plan is complete in accordance with applicable law, regulation, and policy.

Travel with us to the windswept grasslands of the middle Agua Fria to camp under the stars, pound your kidneys into pate on some of the roughest, rockiest roads in Arizona, and visit the breathtaking cliff edge ruins and countless petroglyphs of Perry Mesa.

This Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) describes a Proposed Action (Preferred Alternative) and alternatives to the Proposed Action for the future management of the land and resources of the Tonto National Forest.

Collection of 20 posters and maps presented at the Draft EIS Public Hearings held in September and October 2019.

All containment lines on the south, west and east are holding. Yesterday, isolated islands of vegetation burned, sometimes producing smoke visible from State Highway 60. The fire, overall, was less active than in previous days probably due to increased humidity.


Comments from each of the six public hearings are available for viewing. Note that the public comment period is now closed.

Public Hearing Comments

Draft EIS

The draft EIS public comment period closed November 7, 2019. All 30,000+ comment submittals are now under review for consideration in the compilation of the final EIS.

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