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The Executive Summary provides an overview of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Resolution Copper Project and Land Exchange.

The Draft EIS describes the process undertaken by the USDA Forest Service, to evaluate the issues related to and predicted effects of the submittal by Resolution Copper's mining GPO, and legislatively-mandated land exchange.

The guide is organized into two sections. The first section provides an introduction with definitions and explanations of Forest Service environmental justice policy. The second section offers information about environmental justice analysis in the NEPA process.

Webpage with overview information and status of Sawtooth Fire in Tonto National Forest.

In this memorandum, we describe our mitigation evaluation process and identify those measures that we consider to be legitimate, practicable, and effective at reducing the impacts to recreation resources resulting from the proposed actions of the Resolution Copper Project.

It being agreed that a three-party memorandum should be utilized to give guidance to officials and personnel having responsibilities for managing lands withdrawn for Salt River Project Reclamation purposes within Forest Service boundaries.

Review of proposal to construct, operate, and reclaim a tailings pipeline infrastructure from West Plant site to proposed Skunk Camp Tailing Storage Facility.

Review of proposal to construct, maintain, and operate high voltage transmission lines within corridor defined in EIS.

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