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A supplemental environmental impact statement has been prepared to provide that additional analysis and disclosure. Accompanying the supplement is an interactive map that provides clarity in route designations at both large and small scales.

Letter from Neil Bosworth, Forest Supervisor, to Terry Rambler, Chairman, San Carlos Apache Tribe

Request to consider changes and provide written concurrence that the tailings storage facility as described in the GPO is no longer appropriate to analyze in detail, and that replacement with the modified centerline alternative identified by Resolution Copper as "Alternative 3A" is therefore warranted.

Tonto National Forest identified 26 river segments as eligible for wild and scenic rivers designation. Determinations for eligibility were made using the process outlined in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System Act of 1968. The results of these studies were adopted as amendments to the 1985 Tonto National Forest plan.

Invitation to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to take part in the environmental review of the Resolution Copper Project and Land Exchange Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as a participating agency.

Allotment compliance inspection Devil's Canyon

Residents and local government officials in surrounding communities have interest in how management of the National Forests and Grasslands affects local economies.


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