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The objective of the surveys within the Mineral Creek watershed during 2009 were to document occurrence of Gila chub and other fish species within perennial waters in Devils Canyon and the portion of Mineral Creek between Big Box Dam and the ASARCO Ray Mine tunnel.

The objectives of the surveys conducted in 2013 were to 1) complete the inventory of perennial waters in the Devils Canyon and Mineral Creek drainages and document the presence of fish and aquatic species within stock tanks; 2) survey Mineral Creek to determine persistence of Longfin Dace, document occurrence of Gila Chub, and evaluate the suitability of habitat in Mineral Creek for the reintroduction of Gila Chub and other native species.

This report has been developed by the Department to describe the species of economic and recreational importance (SERI) and quantify levels of wildlife related recreation and public access within the Resolution Copper Mine project area, hereafter referenced as RCM project area.

Map and game species overview of Unit 37B.

Map and game species overview of Unit 24B

Map and game species overview of Unit 24A

The Heritage Data Management System (HDMS) is part of a global network of more than 80 Natural Heritage Programs and Conservation Data Centres. HDMS information is available so Arizonans can make prudent decisions weighing future development, economic growth, and environmental integrity.

This report and the accompanying Geographic Information System (GIS) datasets summarize the results of the workshop held in Florence, Arizona in 2010. At this workshop, stakeholders representing a broad range of organizations and interests identified and mapped the locations of important wildlife linkages across Pinal County.

This dataset contains Rangeland Management Units for each national forest in Arizona. Each National Forest grazing allotment, or Rangeland Management Unit (RMU), is a designated area of land available for livestock grazing, managed by the Forest Service, and may be subdivided into pastures necessary for grazing management.

This dataset contains boundaries for Arizona Game Management Unit (GMU) boundaries. A Game Management Unit is a division established by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission for wildlife management purposes, including the setting of hunting seasons. A GMU specifies areas and times for which certain wildlife species may be taken.


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