Resolution Copper Mining

Response to TNF letter regarding draft reclamation and closure plan clarifications.

Response to GS-4: Provide input on alleged missed faults (lineament analysis) and whether they were incorporated into subsidence modeling.

The Road Use Plan is intended to provide general guidance for minimizing impacts to areas, resources, and people adjoining, served by, or otherwise affected by FRs and PNRs proposed for use by Resolution and its agents to access Project sites throughout the duration of the Project.

Part 2 of response to data request on updated socioeconomic data.

Receipt notice for letter from TNF Supervisor dated March 8, 2018 and concurrence with approach to modify range of alternatives considered in detail in Draft EIS.

Resolution Copper is providing some additional information related to the nature and characteristics of underground hard rock mineral deposits and how the characteristics of the deposits define the mining methods that are used with a particular focus on selective methods such as cut and fill and unselective methods such as block caving as the two methods that have been used by mines in and around the Copper Triangle for the last century.

Email communication as follow-up to submittal to include mitigation requiring water levels be maintained at current levels, and replacement of water lost in fractured Queen Creek bed by pumping water into Queen Creek above Magma Bridge.

Response to EIS action item (EIS-262) to "Provide information on logistical concerns regarding train and filter plant"

This memo is written to provide an explanation of the methodology used to derive the rock mass strength for the Apache Leap Tuff (Tal).

Subsidence is a slow and gradual process that is predicted, closely monitored and controlled. Mining will start from a point away from Apache Leap, and after 40 years of block-cave mining, projections are that the subsidence zone will be at its deepest (1,100 feet) but will still be more than 1,100 feet from the Leap after mining has ceased.


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