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The documents listed below were authored by Resolution Copper Mining.

Resolution Copper will use these techniques to ensure that the subsidence associated with its underground operations is predicted with a high degree of confidence, is monitored, is controlled, and that a process of continuous improvement is implemented as mining expands and further knowledge is gained.

Vicky Peacey, representing Resolution Copper, thanked members for coming and participating. It was stated that the group grew out of a suggestion from a town hall meeting earlier in the year. The group is made up of local residents, for the most part, who can help Resolution with project issues, most immediately with the tailings disposal.

Resolution Copper Mining, LLC (Resolution or RCM), proposes to continue previously approved exploration operations and conduct various new activities associated with the planning stages for copper mining within Tonto National Forest.

The following documents represent the title insurance commitments for the eight offered and parcels to be exchanged for the Oak Flat parcel. These documents were commissioned by Resolution Copper Mining, LLC and provided to the Tonto National Forest on April 25, 2015.

On February 13, 2015, Resolution Copper submitted this formal request to the Forest Service indicating their desire to convey the specified non-federal land to the United States. Details of the land exchange are contained in the Land Exchange Proposal dated August 2015, as well as the draft Agreement to Initiate that will be executed between Resolution Copper and the Forest Service.


Comments from each of the six public hearings are available for viewing. Note that the public comment period is now closed.

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Draft EIS

The draft EIS public comment period closed November 7, 2019. All 30,000+ comment submittals are now under review for consideration in the compilation of the final EIS.

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