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The purpose of this process memorandum is to outline the methods and screening results used for the analysis of cumulative effects for the Resolution Copper Project and Land Exchange environmental impact statement (EIS).

Email communication with supplemental list of mitigation suggestions from public comments in draft EIS.

The purpose of this memorandum is to detail the steps taken between the DEIS and final EIS (FEIS) to further revaluate potential mitigations for the project, leading to the mitigation and monitoring measures included in the revised appendix J of the FEIS.

Email communication with consolidated list of potential mitigation suggestions received in public comments.

The purpose of this process memorandum is to detail the process used to evaluate these comments, the decisions made by the Tonto National Forest with respect to addressing the comments, and the rationale for those decisions.

The purpose of this process memorandum is to document the process used by the NEPA interdisciplinary team to identify and consider reasonably foreseeable future actions for inclusion in the cumulative effects analysis of the Resolution Copper Project final EIS.

At the public hearings held during the comment period for the DEIS, commenters expressed concern over potential schedule delays and technical complications with the block cave mining technique proposed for use in the underground operation at the Oyu Tolgoi mine.

The purpose of this process memorandum is to summarize an investigation into the status of comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) alleged to have been submitted by Professor Stephen Boyd in October 2019.

Comments received on the DEIS, including those from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, questioned the appropriateness of stopping the analysis at these locations and not assessing impacts further downstream, particularly to community water supplies. In response, Section 3.7.2 of the FEIS has been modified to discuss further downstream impacts.

The purpose of this process memorandum is to signpost the process steps that have taken place since publication of the DEIS in order to assess and respond to comments about alternative mining techniques, document the conclusions reached, and the rationale for these conclusions.


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