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In February 2010, Montgomery published a report entitled "Interim Results of Groundwater Monitoring, Upper Queen Creek and Devils Canyon Watersheds" (M&A 2010) which reported all hydrochemical and isotopic data available through the second quarter of 2009. The current report presents hydrochemical and isotopic data collected since M&A 2010 was published.

An evaluation of an approximately 560-acre private parcel for the presence of potential waters of the U.S.

An evaluation of two areas, the West Plant and East Plant Analysis Areas, totaling approximately 3670 acres, for the presence of potential waters of the U.S.

Identification of potentially jurisdictional waters within an approximately 45,000-acre analysis area, encompassing the Resolution operations and vicinity within Pinal and Gila Counties, Arizona.

This tech memo presents the first update of the Groundwater Assessment prepared by Golder Associates on behalf of Resolution Copper Mining.  This work is required as part of the Area-Wide Aquifer Protection Permit for the West Plant Site.  Specifically, this tech memo partially fulfills APP Compliance Schedule Item (CSI) No. 2.

Resolution Copper Company commissioned Golder and Associates to establish a program for the collection of baseline surface water data near the future RCC mine and associated facilities.  The intended uses of the data are primarily to support and EIS, develop a sound conceptual site model as a basis for predicting future impacts, and document current conditions as a baseline for judging future impacts.

Groundwater monitoring in the upper Queen Creek and Devils Canyon watersheds was initiated by RCM in early 2004.  The current RCM groundwater monitoring program includes 19 wells, boreholes or shafts.  Based on results of hydrogeological characterization studies conducted to date, three principal aquifers have been identified.  The purpose of the groundwater monitoring program is to provide hydrologic data for continued development and refinement of the conceptual hydrogeologic model for the ALT aquifer and adjacent aquifers in the study area that might be impacted by block-cave mining oper


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