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In November 2013, Resolution Copper Mining, LLC (RCM) submitted the proposed General Plan of Operations (GPO) to the Tonto National Forest, to develop and mine a copper-molybdenum deposit. Tonto National Forest deemed the GPO to be complete in December 2014 - see Letter of Completion. A plan of operations is a Forest Service permit, which authorizes mining operations on national forest lands.

On February 13, 2015, Resolution Copper submitted a formal request to the Forest Service indicating their desire to convey the specified non-federal land to the United States. Details of the land exchange are contained in this Land Exchange Proposal dated August 2015, as well as the draft Agreement to Initiate that will be executed between Resolution Copper and the Forest Service.

This memo is written to provide an explanation of the methodology used to derive the rock mass strength for the Apache Leap Tuff (Tal).

Subsidence is a slow and gradual process that is predicted, closely monitored and controlled. Mining will start from a point away from Apache Leap, and after 40 years of block-cave mining, projections are that the subsidence zone will be at its deepest (1,100 feet) but will still be more than 1,100 feet from the Leap after mining has ceased.

Describes Resolution's plan to implement the following standard practices for the prevention of invasive species introduction on Project areas located on National Forest System lands.

The Pond and Atlantis climbing areas are on Resolution Copper’s private property. The majority of the Mine area is located on Resolution’s property with Resolution holding mining claims to the remainder of the area. If you plan on climbing in these areas please click on the button below to e-sign the required waiver.

Resolution Copper (RC) has established the Independent Technical Review Board (ITRB) in accord with the Rio Tinto D5 Standard. This action comports with current international best practices for siting and design of large and complex tailings storage facilities.

Resolution Copper Mining, LLC (Resolution), proposes to conduct baseline hydrologic and geotechnical testing and monitoring activities on National Forest System lands, located within the Tonto National Forest (TNF). The purpose of these activities is to collect hydrologic, geochemical and geotechnical data in order to provide baseline information on these aspects of the environment over an area being considered for a potential tailings storage site.

Resolution Copper would implement a Wildlife Management Plan to discourage wildlife from entering active mining areas at the East Plant Site (EPS), West Plant Site (WPS), Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) and Filter Plant and Loadout Facility.

The purpose of this document is to provide personnel in all areas of the Resolution Copper Mining LLC (RCM) operation access to procedures for the proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials and hazardous waste so as to protect the environment and to comply with laws and regulations.


Comments from each of the six public hearings are available for viewing. Note that the public comment period is now closed.

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The draft EIS public comment period closed November 7, 2019. All 30,000+ comment submittals are now under review for consideration in the compilation of the final EIS.

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