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The documents listed below were authored by the USDA Forest Service.

This Level II field guide describes a national protocol to supply data used in project identification and planning. Data collected through this field guide serve as the basis for the assessment of project and activity effects on, and the identification of project-level design and mitigation measures for, a specific set of groundwater-dependent ecosystem (GDE) types.

Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Agency conducts environmental analyses to assess the nature and importance of the physical, biological, social, and economic effects of a proposed action and its reasonable alternatives.

This Environmental Assessment discloses the direct, indirect, and cumulative environmental impacts that would result from the proposed action and alternatives.

In response to Resolution Copper Mining’s (RCM’s) submittal of a plan of operations for pre-feasibility activities, the Forest Service prepared this EA in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This EA discloses the direct, indirect and cumulative environmental impacts that would result from the proposed action and alternatives.

In May 2010 the Tonto National Forest (TNF) completed a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review of the proposed action to authorize mining pre-feasibility activities on the Globe Ranger District in Pinal and Gila Counties, Arizona.

This handbook provides guidance for conducting planning, traffic management, investment sharing (cost share), highway safety, traffic studies, road maintenance, and other road system operations and maintenance activities.

Mining claims, Mineral leases, permits, licenses, mineral reservations and rights outstanding, reclamation, mineral materials, Forest Service authorized prospecting and mineral collecting, geologic resources, certification

This is a report on the preliminary eligibility and classification determinations resulting from a comprehensive state-wide inventory of potentially eligible rivers for inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

Definittions of management indicators and ecological indicators


Comments from each of the six public hearings are available for viewing. Note that the public comment period is now closed.

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Draft EIS

The draft EIS public comment period closed November 7, 2019. All 30,000+ comment submittals are now under review for consideration in the compilation of the final EIS.

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