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The Assessment Report presents and evaluates existing information about relevant ecological, economic, and social conditions, trends, and risks to sustainability and their relationship to the 1985 Tonto National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, within the context of the broader landscape.

The management direction in this plan is designed to protect the values for which the area was designated, and to guide limited uses compatible with the area’s primary purpose.

This errata sheet documents corrections to the text of the published EA, and should be reviewed along with the final EA. These corrections reflect instruction provided by the Objection Reviewing Officer in letters in December 2017.

The Forest Service, an agency within the United States Department of Agriculture, is proposing to amend the 1985 Tonto National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan with a management plan for the approximately 839-acre Apache Leap Special Management Area established by Congress in December 2014 through the Carl Levin and Howard P. “Buck” McKeon National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015.

On November 9, 2005, the Forest Service published travel management regulations governing off-highway vehicles and other motor vehicles on national forests and grasslands.

The Tonto National Forest proposes changes to motorized use on roads, trails, and areas to meet requirements of Executive Order 11644, as amended by Executive Order 11989, and in the Travel Management Rule regulations (36 CFR 212, Subpart B).

The master report is a compilation of the most useful NVUM reports (selected by the NVUM Program Manager) accompanied by forest- or region-specific analysis and background information.

This Allotment Management Plan implements direction established in the October 1985 Tonto National Forest Plan and 2010 Decision and April 29, 2011 appeal resolution of Millsite Allotment. This Allotment Management Plan is made part of your Term Grazing Permit in accordance of that permit.

The laws, Executive Orders, and regulations that govern Federal agencies’ relationship with Indian tribes are abstracted at FSM 1563.01 and explained with more detail at FSM 1563.8.

Mineral development on National Forest System (NFS) lands is a temporary use of those lands, and requires adequate fiscal resources be available to ensure that reclamation of the mineral sites are integral to any development proposal. As a result, the Forest Service has identified a mechanism for addressing post-closure long-term liabilities associated with large mining activities on NFS lands.


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