Draft ROD

This Reclamation Plan has been prepared as per DEIS mitigation measure FS-226 to outline the reclamation and closure measures and establish the basis for the reclamation cost estimate and financial assurance.

The purpose of this memo is to present the current and future status of climbing area access and identify planned mitigation options for climbing resources that may be impacted as a result of the Resolution Copper project.

Describes Resolution's plan to implement the following standard practices for the prevention of invasive species introduction on Project areas located on National Forest System lands.

Resolution Copper will use these techniques to ensure that the subsidence associated with its underground operations is predicted with a high degree of confidence, is monitored, is controlled, and that a process of continuous improvement is implemented as mining expands and further knowledge is gained.

This technical memorandum summarizes the potential failure modes and other contributing risk factors to the Peg Leg TSF alterative that could lead to downstream impacts, and how those failure modes are addressed in design and the methodology.

This Pipeline Protection Plan provides a summary of engineering efforts to protect the pipelines within the corridor from potential failure.

During a December 2018 meeting, it was agreed by the participants that a catastrophic failure of any of the alternatives would have unacceptable consequences due to the potential for impacts to life, environment and property.

A number of tailings storage facility (TSF) designs are currently being assessed and will be included in the draft EIS (DEIS). This report presents Alternative 6 - Skunk Camp.

This Modeling Plan includes a description of the methods and data sets that are planned to be used in the air quality modeling analyses to estimate the Resolution Project’s air quality impacts relative to the applicable Ambient Air Quality Standards (AAQS) for criteria pollutants.

The impact of outdoor lighting from the proposed Resolution Copper mine on the night skies as viewed from four observation points is assessed.


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